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Here are some phone battery facts you might need to know.

PHONE BATTERY FACTS – Here are some of the beneficial facts and tricks we probably need to know about our phone’s battery.

We are all guilty of holding our phone all the time reaching the point of being dependent to it. Ever felt that loneliness when you are in some place and you are not facing your phone’s screen? Or that mini heart attack when we lost or forgot where you have put it?

Phone Battery Facts
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Now, we listed down below some facts and tricks to do with out phone’s battery on how to take care of it and extend its battery life.

See some facts below:

  • Old models of phone are prone to explosion from overcharging because of the lithium in the battery but time evolved as well as this gadget. Smart phones are not called smart for nothing. For one, they are called smart because they are designed to not accept more power once the battery gets full. So, there’s no need to worry about leaving or sleeping on it. Your phone just automatically stops and will not take more than their capacity.
  • You don’t need to wait for your phone’s life to drop down to zero percentage to charge it.
  • Turning off the phone at least once a week will help conserve the phone’s battery.
  • The more apps installed in a phone, the more it consumes energy.
  • Avoid using the vibration mode to notify you, it seeks more power than using the ringtone mode.
  • To save more battery life, don’t talk to your virtual assistant (Ok Google or Siri) all the time.


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