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Here are the 12 hidden smartphone codes

Many people may do not know but there are 12 hidden smartphone codes and each one has a unique purpose.

In this modern era, almost everyone is using a smartphone. This gadget has already become a necessity for the lives of many people around the globe. Some may just be using it for fun or entertainment but mainly, mobile phones are making communication much easier.

smartphone codes
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For those who have no idea yet that smartphone codes exist, here is the list of the hidden codes that you should know.

CODE: *#06# (for Android and iPhone)

This will show the IMEI number which is unique to every unit. Knowing this number of your phone can help identify your phone once you lost or misplaced it.

CODE: *#*#4636#*#* (Android)

Pressing this code will bring you to the details about the data usages of your phone.

CODE: *#*#0*#*#* (Android)

This particular code is for LCD display test. Having this is useful for those who are mindful of the image quality and how the phone screen looks.

CODE: *#*#34971539#*#* (Android)

You will have access to the camera information instantly once you press this combination of numbers and symbols.

CODE: *#*#232337#*# (Android)

This will display the Bluetooth address of your mobile phone.

CODE: *#*#7262626#*#* (Android)

Pressing this code will show the field test feature. With this, you can see the exact strength of the signal your phone is getting. From this information, you can decide if you need to install a signal boosting system.

CODE: *3001#12345# (iPhone)

For iPhone’s field test feature, this is the code that you need to type. It will show the cell signal and reception readings.

CODE: #43# (iPhone)

You can use this code to disable the call waiting option.

CODE: *43# (iPhone)

This one enables the call waiting.

CODE: *3370# (iPhone)

This will turn on the “enhanced full rate” mode if you are getting poor cellphone reception. However, this may compromise your battery life.

CODE: *67 before you typing a phone number (iPhone)

It is also called anonymous calling because the person who is receiving your call will not see your caller ID.

CODE: *#67# (iPhone)

This code is intended for call forwarding numbers if your line is busy it will direct the caller to another number, according to RD’s article.

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