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Everything about this place forbidden to humans – Snake Island.

SNAKE ISLAND – Ilha da Queimada Grande or also known as Snake Island off the coast of Brazil is off limits to humans due to these reasons.

Brazil has made it illegal for everyone to visit the most dangerous place on Earth, Ilha da Queimada Grande or also known as the Snake Island. This particular island off the coast of Brazil is off limits to humans and it was all for good reasons. There were about 2,000 to 4,000 snakes on the island, thus, unsurprising to be named as Snake Island.

Snake Island

And here are some things you must know about this island:

  • It inhabits golden lanceheads which can kill a person within an hour and they are much deadlier compared to their cousins in mainland.
  • There was a legend that the housekeeper and his family were killed by snakes. Also, there was a fisherman who dared step foot only to return dead in his boat pooled with his own blood.
  • Brazilian Navy visits the lighthouse periodically and also to make sure no one is out there for an adventure.
  • There was another legend that says pirates put the snakes in there in order to protect their buried treasure.
  • Snakes in the island evolves differently which makes them deadlier compared to those of their kind in the mainland. One for example is the golden lancehead. However, there were some researchers who believed that their venom is useful to go against certain diseases. It is three to five times stronger that it can possibly melt human flesh.
  • There is a snake literally just everywhere.
  • Snakes in their rely on birds resting on their place as food.


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Source: 60 Minutes Australia

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