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Here are some cat facts you need to know.

CAT FACTS – Here are some of the things you probably don’t know yet about cats and the things you do that makes them not like you.

Cats are definitely one of the most adorable and cutest animal we could ever have at home. And the most well-behave for that matter for they literally sleep all day like 13 to 14 hours in a day.

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Cat Facts
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Now, on the other side, we actually do these things that our pet cats actually didn’t like. See below:

  1. Expressing love at them such as hugging them will just make them irritated and aggressive for they would feel like they are trapped. Also, as much as you wanted to take a photo of them but they hate the camera’s flash.
  2. But never ignore them (contrary to number 1). They won’t stop calling your attention until you give them what they want either food or a good scratch in their chin.
  3. They hate it when you cut their nails! And for their case, clipping their nails means amputating them.
  4. Unlike dogs, cats do not want belly rubs. Well, these two cute creatures are really contradicting. Also, tail shouldn’t be touched.
  5. They don’t like baths or just simply have their body get any interaction with water. Probably, cat owners know that they can make themselves clean through their saliva.
  6. Cats are prone to motion sickness so might as well avoid travelling them.
  7. They are not really fond of loud noises. Keep them away from it for these loud noises is seemingly like a danger to them. They’re a bit sensitive.
  8. Cats are a bit not really into fashion. They hate it when you try to dress them up as clothes make them feel like their movements are restricted.
  9. They see strangers as competition. They hate everything that is unfamiliar to them.
  10. Cats only meows at human but when its the other way around, they don’t like it.
Cat Facts
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