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Check out these amazing cat facts below!

CAT FACTS – Here are some of the most fascinating and amazing facts about this weird animal that you probably do not know yet.

Funny animals such as cats are known to have made a lot of people laughing with their crazy antics and admire them all at the same time if they are silently and peacefully sleeping. They tend to make us all happy and laughing unintentionally.

Cat Facts
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And to know them better, here are some of the bizarre truths about them:

  • A group of kittens is called “Kindle” while the group of adult cats is called “clowder”.
  • The female cat is “Queen” while the male is “Tom”.
  • Cats greet each other by touching noses.
  • The first year of a cat is equivalent to the first 15 years of a human, 2nd year is they are 25 years old, and on the third year is where the 1 cat year equivalent to 7 human years starts.
  • Sweet foods has no taste to cats because of the mutation in their taste receptor.
  • Cats have 110 to 140 heartbeats in every single minute.
  • They have 32 muscles in their ears that can make them rotate it in 180 degrees.
  • A cat sleeps 13 to 14 hours in a day.
  • They can drink seawater for their kidneys filter out the salt from it and use the water for hydration.
  • They can’t see directly under their noses that is why always tend to miss the food in front of them.
  • Cats have attitude. They might hear you or understand you when you call their name but they just always choose to ignore you.
Cat Facts
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