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Here are some LDR survival tips to save your relationship.

LDR SURVIVAL TIPS – If you are in a long distance relationship, here are some things you need to know in order to survive and keep the love burning.

You have a partner but a great distance is in between you. But no matter how immeasurable the distance is in between the two of you, there’s a greater connection that bind you – its love. You’re working abroad or the boyfriend is a seafarer, are just among the examples of being in a long distance relationship.

LDR Survival Tips

And here are some tips to survive such very complicated situation of some couples:

  1. Positivity – Always think that a long distance relationship, especially yours, will absolutely work. There should be no room for any negative thoughts, you just have to strive harder and double the effort.
  2. Regular Communication – Talk about everything to your partner. Tell him or her how your day went, what you have achieved, and where you failed. Give them an update about your life as it is not always that they are there to witness it and be with you personally.
  3. Listen – You can do more than just listening. You can listen to what he or she is NOT TRYING TO SAY through her actions. Pay attention to your partner’s WANTS and NEEDS even if they are not saying it directly to you.
  4. Get rid of jealousy – No and never give a space to jealousy as many relationships have been ruined because of this. And you surely won’t let that happen to your story, right? Moreover, jealousy means lack of trust. Do you not trust your partner?
  5. Plan – Tell your partner what you want to do with him as soon as you get to see each other. The excitement will feed the fire and will make you look forward of many tomorrows with him.
  6. Goals – Talk about the future and your future together. You can’t just settle to be on that situation for forever.
  7. Honesty – Never ever lie to your partner. Tell her everything even if it will hurt. Even the tiniest of your schedule tell him or her so that you’ll what he or she has been up to. Keep each other updated of your activities.
LDR Survival Tips

Being in LDR is great but how much will you do for love and to keep the fire alive just to keep your person forever despite the amount of distance? If you have more suggestions, just comment down below!


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