JOLLIBEE HACKS: Eat More But Spend Less With These Order Hacks

Here are some useful Jollibee hacks.

JOLLIBEE HACKS – Here are some ways hacks to eat more but spend less when it comes to eating in the most famous fast-food restaurant Jollibee.

Pinoy fast-food restaurant Jollibee is definitely one of the most prominent. Children grew up with the Jolly Spaghetti on their plate or the classic Jollibee Chicken Joy.

Aside from the fact that prices are really affordable, there is more to it to make your money “more sulit” when eating in here. They might have the value meals available but here are some other hacks for you to eat more but spend less.

  • Instead of ordering a 2 piece Burger steak worth Php 85.00 and an extra rice costing Php 29.00 with a total of Php 114.00 get 1 piece burger steak with drinks and 1 piece burger steak ala carte for only Php 109.00.
  • A value meal with an extra rice worth Php 155.00 consisting of 1 rice, 1 piece steak, 1 piece chicken, and drink, just order 1 piece chicken ala carte and 1 piece burger steak with drinks which will only cost you Php 135.00.
Jollibee Hacks
  • The 2 piece chicken meal with an extra rice and drinks is worth Php 189.00 while ordering 1 piece chicken meal with drinks and another 1 piece without the drinks will only take Php 174.00 from you.
  • 1 piece chicken joy with Spaghetti sided with drinks value meal and an extra rice is worth Php 146.00 but buying 1-piece chicken worth Php 79.00 and Spaghetti meal worth Php 55.00 is only Php 134.00.
Jollibee Hacks
  • A 2 piece burger steak and an extra rice is costing Php 121.00 but ordering two 1-piece burger steak, one with drinks and one without, will only cost you Php 110.00.
Jollibee Hacks

Note: Price varies under circumstances and store’s location.

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