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Definition and Examples of Regular Verb & Irregular Verb

REGULAR VERB & IRREGULAR VERB – Here are their meanings and examples used in sentences.

One of the most important lessons in English is the parts of speech. Their value extends to other lessons in the said subject. Usually, they are taught in the elementary level.

With regards to the parts of speech, there are eight parts of speech and one of them is the verb. It refers to a word that denotes an action in a sentence. It is also called as “action word”.


  • sit
  • eat
  • protect
  • water
  • lift
  • walk
  • pat
  • buy
  • give
  • sing
Regular Verb Irregular Verb

With regards to verbs, there are different classifications or types. Among them are the regular verbs and the irregular verbs. They go opposite to each other in terms of meaning.

Regular Verbs

Regular Verbs are those action words whose past tense do not change in spelling. There is just an addition of -ed.


  • Walk – Walked
  • Paint – Painted
  • Lift – Lifted
  • Push – Pushed
  • Bark – Barked
  • Grant – Granted
  • Tape – Taped
  • Move – Moved

Irregular Verbs

On the other hand, irregular verbs are action words whose past tense have a change in spelling. Most of the time, words ending in -d are changed to -t but there are also other changes in spelling.


  • Bend – Bent
  • Dream – Dreamt
  • Burn – Burnt
  • Eat – Ate
  • Draw – Drew
  • Fly – Flew
  • Mean – Meant

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