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Meaning & Examples of Transitive Verbs & Intransitive Verbs

TRANSITIVE VERB & INTRANSITIVE VERB – Here are the meaning and examples of these two(2) kinds of verbs.

The verb, a word conveying an action thus also called an “action word”, is among the parts of speech that has many kinds or sub-types. There are the tenses of the verb and as well as the voice of verb.

The tenses of the verb depends on the state of the action while the voice of the verb depends on the format of the sentence conveying the action.

Aside from the aforementioned kinds or sub-types of the verb, there are at least two(2) other types of verbs – the transitive verb and the intransitive verb.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning and the examples of these two(2) types of verbs.

Transitive Verb & Intransitive Verb

Based on an article on The Idioms, here are the meaning and the examples of transitive verb and intransitive verb:

Transitive Verb

Verbs under this kind are those which direct the action towards a person, a place, a thing, an event, etc. There is a receiver of the action which answers the question “what” or “who”.


  • Mother bake the cake
  • Jessele wrote the article.
  • Bon transferred the chair.
  • Dr. Jacinto called Mr. Rodriguez earlier.
  • The parrot flapped its wings.
  • The hospital charged a huge bill.
  • Miguel stopped the bus in front of the school.
  • Jaime attended the birthday party of Joaquin.
  • Kyle brought sylvanas at the party.
  • The firemen splashed the water.

Intransitive Verb

Based on the article, intransitive verbs are verbs that expresses action but there is no receiver of the action. It can stand alone in the sentence conveying a complete idea or thought.


  • Phil sang beautifully at the wedding.
  • The doctor speaks softly.
  • Manuel looks really handsome at their dinner date.
  • The boat sank slowly.
  • Mrs. Belmonte is driving fastly to get to the airport on time
  • The dog was hiding next to the table.
  • The lawyer spoke with conviction.
  • The water ran dry quickly.
  • Diego looks great tonight.
  • The bird flew right away.
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