HOLY WEEK TRADITION PHILIPPINES: What Filipinos Usually Do During Holy Week

Overview of the Holy Week Tradition in the Philippines

HOLY WEEK TRADITION PHILIPPINES – Here is an overview of what the Filipinos usually do during the Holy Week.

The Philippines is among the countries that usually have remarkable observance of religious events. It is a Christian country and a huge part of the populace are devotees.

When it comes to the religious events, one of the events that is widely-celebrated in the country is Holy Week. It is in remembrance of the passion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The celebration starts from Monday and ends on Sunday. For 2019, the Holy Week is scheduled starting today, April 15, 2019, until on Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Holy Week Tradition
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With regards to the Holy Week tradition in the Philippines, usually, on the Sunday before the commemorative event starts, the church goers would go to mass with palms.

The Sunday before the start of the Holy Week is called “Palm Sunday”. The said palms would be blessed by the Priest.

Holy Week Palm Sunday
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On Maundy Thursday, most people go to church for a visit to offer prayers. A lot of individuals actually visit several churches for the Visita Iglesia.

On Good Friday, there are processions held commemorating the passion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ or also call the Stations of the Cross. Hundreds and thousands of devotees join the religious event.

On Black Saturday, the churches are close and most Filipino observe the highest day of fasting. Altars are also covered as the death of the Son of God is commemorated.

The Holy Week ends with the Easter Sunday. Processions of the statue of the Blessed Mother Mary meeting the statue of the risen Jesus Christ are held and a lot of people also join it.

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