Monkeys With Human Brain Genes Featured By Chinese Scientists

Monkeys Were Implanted With Human Brain Genes In A Recent Study By Chinese Scientists

MONKEYS WITH HUMAN BRAIN – Chinese scientists inserted human brain genes into 11 ‘rhesus macaques’ in an attempt to study humans unique evolution of intelligence.

In the past few years, studies about the human brain have been more surprising and more interesting. It was even reported that scientists have discovered how to directly upload knowledge into the human brain to learn new skills almost instantly.

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There are many genes that puts the line between primates and humans in terms of brain development. Some genes affect cognitive abilities and some genes affect only the brain’s physical size.

And recently, a team of Chinese scientists from Kunming Institute of Zoology implanted human versions of MCPH1 gene into monkeys. This specific gene is what scientists believed to play a role in the development of the human brain.

By adding the gene MCPH1 to monkey embryos, the scientists were able to produce 11 specimens, however 6 of them did not live long enough to be studied.

This is based on an article from ABS-CBN News.

The scientists reported that the five remaining monkeys’ performed better at simple tests such as: short term memory test and problem solving as compared to wild monkeys.

And inevitably, this triggered debates regarding ethical standards. The Chinese scientists received many criticisms after the said experiment.

Some even compared the experiment to the sci-fi movie “Planet of the Apes.”

Regardless of the criticisms, the group of scientists said that they will pursue their study and they might test with other human brain genes next time.

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