Monkeys Snatch Blood Samples of Suspected COVID-19 Patients From Lab in India

Gang of Monkeys Snatch Suspected COVID-19 Patients Blood Samples in India Gang of monkeys in India snatch the blood samples of suspected coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients at the government hospital. According to the report of CNN, the monkeys allegedly attacked the medical official and captured the blood samples. The laboratory technician from the state-run medical … Read more

VIDEO: Monkeys Screaming Out In Pain During Animal Testing

Monkey Lab 4

Video of Monkeys Scream Out in Pain MONKEYS – Secret footage has emerged showing the awful treatment of monkeys allegedly being held in at a German laboratory. Lots of organizations from different countries around the world were created to end the animal cruelty. They dedicate themselves to fight of the rights of the animals. Who … Read more

Monkeys With Human Brain Genes Featured By Chinese Scientists

Monkeys Were Implanted With Human Brain Genes In A Recent Study By Chinese Scientists MONKEYS WITH HUMAN BRAIN – Chinese scientists inserted human brain genes into 11 ‘rhesus macaques’ in an attempt to study humans unique evolution of intelligence. In the past few years, studies about the human brain have been more surprising and more … Read more