PBB Otso: Andre Brouillette Walks Out Of An Interview

PBB Otoso Housemate Andre Brouillette Walks Out Of An Interview

PBB OTSO – Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate Andre Brouillette walked out during an interview with the Big 4.

This seasons Big 4 are Fumiya Sankai, Yamyam Gucong, Lou Yanong, and Andre Brouillette.

In a previous article, Andre asked Yanong to be his girlfriend which she eventually replied with ‘of course’.

PBB Otso Andre Brouillette
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Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong were one of the most controversial housemates after they kissed during their pool party.

On April 1, the four housemates were interviewed by the host Dawn Chang. The ‘Amazing Alo-hunk Ng Hawaii’ walked out during their discussion.

PBB Otso interview
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Andre Brouillette’s housemates and the tv host were all shocked by his actions. He refused to answer the hosts questions and went to the comfort room.

All of them thought he and Lou were having their first lover’s quarrel especially Yamyam Gucong who was obviously shocked by the intensity of Andre’s actions.

Big 4
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PBB Otso housemate Andre Brouillette came back after a few minutes and revealed it was just a prank.

It is known that April 1 is an annual celebration where people make the cringe-worthy pranks and spreading of hoaxes.

Prank starts at 27:51

The controversial actions of Andre earned mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the video:

@Salma’s Awesome World: “The best prank I’ve ever saw today!!! Hahahaha Happy April Fools Day”

@258MsCool: “Best entry for Dalagang Filipina goes to Yamyam… Sakit sa panga! Perfect team with Dawn Chang!”

@ferlita ogdol: “Yung tawa ni fumiya at yamyam ang nagdala… tumatawa sila tumatawaaa din ako… panis ang fools day akala Kona totoo na talaga naku naku wag naman sana Lou at Andre”

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