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Myrtle Sarrosa on Loudre

Myrtle Sarrosa On LouDre Kiss: “Sasabihin Ko Rin Sa Kanila Na Mali”

PBB Otso Lou Yanong and Andre Broillette kiss

PBB Otso: Lou Yanong Regrets Kissing Andre Brouillette?

Pbb Otso Andre Brouillette rumored GF 1

PBB Otso: Model Reveals Real Score Between Her & Andre Brouillette

LouDre Kiss 1

LouDre Kiss: Andre Brouillette Receives Frank Words From Big Brother

PBB Otso

PBB Otso: Controversial LouDre Kiss Bothered Other Housemates

LouDre Kiss

LouDre Kiss: Andre Says Sorry To Lou Over “Passionate Kisses” They Shared

LouDre Kisses In PBB House Received Various Reactions From Netizens

PBB Otso Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette 2

PBB Otso Lou Yanong’s Father Reacts To “Passionate Kisses”

PBB Otso

PBB Otso: Lou’s Final Message For Andre Before Leaving House