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11:58 AM March 14, 2019

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11:58 AM March 14, 2019

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Here is the full length of Kris Aquino audition video for the “Crazy Rich Asians”.

KRIS AQUINO AUDITION VIDEO – The social media influencer Kris Aquino shared the full video of her audition to land a spot in Hollywood film “Crazy Rich Asians”.

Being a part of a Hollywood film is chance and opportunity rarely given to our local actresses. However, with her talent and determination, media mogul Kris Aquino was able to land a spot and portray Malay Princess Intan’s character in “Crazy Rich Asians“.

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“I have so much admiration and new appreciation for you. You have survived and endured so much, with grace.” 2 sentences from a recent conversation i shall forever treasure… i was reaching out to a man who touched my life w/ genuine friendship & kindness… i’ve survived enough storms to know that hearing encouraging words when your humanity deserves acknowledgment- that gesture of support becomes an affirmation that there are people who will love & celebrate you- come what may. June of 2017, he was the one who wanted me to be a part of his passion project. It’s FATE that a man i’d never met but had long been a vocal fan of, championed for us to be represented; and it was his vision that a Filipina would portray his “princess”… 🇵🇭 i’ve learned enough to not have made @crazyrichasians a referendum on me & my last name… it would be a disservice to all the talented, passionate, and generous people i’d worked with for people who hated me and/or my family to not give this beautiful movie a chance. So i purposely stayed off social media. To those who are like me, those who read the trilogy, watched & fell in love w/ @crazyrichasians- you answered my prayers because @kevinkwanbooks, @jonmchu & @wbpictures deserved to feel our gratitude for shining a special light on us Filipinos, the “superfans” in Kevin’s words. If you don’t like my words, stop reading, do us all a favor & unfollow me. I’m stating hard won TRUTHS: To all who tried to break me, all you did was let me prove to myself how STRONG i am… i am standing without having needed to step on others, and i didn’t demean or sacrifice the values & principles my parents instilled in me. On my own- i rebuilt myself… dahil yung sinubukan patumbahin ng paulit ulit- namulat sa katotohanan na kinaya nyang hindi sumuko. She now sees that her MISSION is to make others see from her open book life-that people should wear our scars with dignity because they are proof we valiantly faced life’s battles…that nobody should have to accept being belittled, insulted or judged unfairly. Do no harm yet never let anybody get comfortable trying to dehumanize you. #laban

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“Crazy Rich Asians” is a novel written by Kevin Kwan which was later on adapted into a film where Aquino landed a role. Everyone was so proud of her for bagging this rare and precious opportunity for an actress.

The film did well both in the United States and Philippines. In a previous article, with the box-office performance of it, Aquino has shared, “Just THANK YOU, not because of illusions about my contribution-but because my cameo appearance in a historically significant, phenomenally successful #1 Hollywood movie championing INCLUSIVITY for all Asians elevated Filipinos- 1 of us was chosen to be the only ROYAL in the fantasy world of CRAZY RICH ASIANS.”

And now, in one of her recent posts, Aquino finally shared what she did before she got the role. She shared the full length video of her audition. She said, “Believe in the DREAM enough to have the courage to take that 1st step… FINALLY- sharing something i held on to for myself because it was my personal reminder, i was part of 1 magical, unforgettable moment…”

Here’s the scene from the Hollywood film that Aquino appeared:

Meanwhile, watch the audition video of her below which paved way for her first Hollywood film appearance:

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