Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians Author, Wanted In Singapore

Kevin Kwan could face imprisonment for violating Singapore’s Enlistment Act.

The author of the best-selling book Kevin Kwan wanted in Singapore after failing to comply to the country’s military service requirement.

Kevin Kwan is the author of the bestselling book “Crazy Rich Asians” which was later on adapted into a Hollywood film with the characters dominated by Asians.

Two Pinoys were also in the film and that is Kris Aquino as Malay Princess Intan and Nico Santos.

The film has topped the US box office on its opening weekend.

However, the author of the book himself got caught up in the middle of controversy after reportedly failing to register for the military service of Singapore. He violated the Enlistment Act and could possibly face up to 3 years of imprisonment.

The Mindef Singapore has stated:

“Mr Kevin Kwan failed to register for National Service (NS) in 1990, despite notices and letters sent to his overseas address. He also stayed overseas without a valid exit permit. Mr Kwan is therefore wanted for defaulting on his NS obligations. In 1994, his application and subsequent appeal to renounce his Singapore citizenship without serving NS were rejected. Mr Kwan has committed offences under the Enlistment Act, and is liable to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 years upon conviction.”

Kwan grew up in Singapore. He left the country at the young age of 11 and now resides in the US. He was even not there when his book’s film premiered in the said country.

Moreover, Singapore is not recognizing dual citizenship beyond the age of 21.

Kwan has already applied to renounce his Singaporean citizenship but got rejected for failing to serve NS first.

Singaporean men over 18 are required to have two years of military service in either with the armed forces, the police or the civil defense force.

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