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3:33 PM March 14, 2019

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3:33 PM March 14, 2019

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List of 10 Weird Filipino Superstitious Beliefs / Superstitions Many Are Believing To

FILIPINO SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEFS – Here is a list of ten(10) weird Filipino superstitions that many people are believing to.

Undeniably, the Filipino people are fond of superstitions. A lot of superstitious beliefs have been a part of the Pinoy culture being passed on from one generation to another.

Despite that most of this have no valid explanation or reason behind, still these superstitions continue to live through the word of mouth. Some use these to scare kids and make them follow something.

Have you also been told of superstition when you were a kid just like why you should not sleep with a hungry stomach?

Filipino Superstitious Beliefs

In the Filipino culture, there are at least ten(10) weird superstitious beliefs that were passed on from generation to generation. Here is the list of these widely-known superstitions based on Inquirer Pop:

1. Do not take a picture with two people as one of you, specifically the one in the middle, will die.

2. Do not walk over someone who is lying down as he or she won’t grow taller after it.

3. A grain of rice or trains will get out from your wound so you should be careful.

4. Do not sleep when you are hungry as your spirit will go out from your body and will look for food then it will be trapped inside the rice pot.

5. If you drop your utensils while eating, it only means someone is arriving. If the spoon fell on the ground, that someone is a woman and it is otherwise if the fork is the one that fell.

6. Jump high on New Year’s Eve to grow taller.

7. Do not sleep with wet hair or you will go crazy or bald.

8. When you accidentally bite your tongue, pick a number and determine its corresponding letter in the alphabet. Based on the article, it is believed that the first person who comes to your mind after determining the letter just thought of you.

9. Bite your finger after pointing at trees or something bad will happen next.

10. Turn your clothes when you are lost in the woods or somewhere as it means that the elves are playing on you.

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