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10:51 AM March 14, 2019

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10:51 AM March 14, 2019

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Users in the Philippines Can Now Access Facebook Desktop Version

FACEBOOK DESKTOP VERSION – The desktop version of Facebook is now accessible in the Philippines.

Recently, a lot of people were left worried following the downtime of Facebook in several countries including the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and North America.

The desktop version of the social media giant was inaccessible while its mobile version was working with limited functions. Meanwhile, the Messanger app continued working.

Photo Courtesy of HR Katha

Amid the speculations that the servers of Facebook could no longer handle the huge amount of users and accounts, the social media giant assured that they are working on the problem.

The people behind the social media giant also denied that the downtime is due to a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack or “DDoS Attack”.

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Recently, Facebook desktop version is back to functioning. It is now accessible in the Philippines but reports with regards to its status in other affected countries have yet to cross the surface.

Also, the social media giant has yet to release a statement regarding the real cause of the recent inaccessibility of its desktop version.

We’ll keep you posted for additional updates.

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