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1:50 PM February 16, 2019

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1:50 PM February 16, 2019

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Here’s what really happened to “practice confession” of Andre to Lou in PBB Otso.

PBB OTSO – Here is what really happened when Big Brother let Andre practice his confession towards fellow housemate Lou.

PBB male housemate Andre is absolutely now so sure of what he is feeling for his fellow housemate Lou. Initially, he has always been honest in telling that Lou is his type of girl and the other housemates know that. And now, he just confessed and is so sure that he likes Lou and he even had feelings for her.

They are both single and also share the passion when it comes to modelling. This is mainly the reason why they clicked and him being attracted to her is not something that people should wonder about. They are of right age already and whenever they have this moment together just the two of them, their chemistry never failed to bring “kilig” to the people.

Check out how Andre admitted his feeling for Lou to Kuya.

And here’s what really happened when he practiced on what to do when the time comes he is to confess to the female housemate:

Here are some comments of the netizens to this:

The proper way of courting a girl. Oh my gosh Andre lakasan mo yang loob mo. Natatawa ako kay Andre parang hindi niya alam na nakaminotor lahat at recorded yung sinasabi niya.

Nakakakilig I see them na talagang sila na forever…kasi sincere si Andrei at matinong babae si Lou

Why am i seeing their future being together? They have both strong chemistry and can concurrent other famous love teams. Love them both


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