Gretchen Barretto Had Issues With Other Women In Showbiz

Here are the women in showbiz who had issues with Gretchen Barretto

Former actress Gretchen Barretto is involved with conflicts against her fellow women in show business.

This is aside from the controversial word wars she had with netizens who commented against her on Instagram.

Gretchen Barretto
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The most recent one is with Queen of all Media Kris Aquino. Greta with her full knowledge and intention, she intervened with the issue between Kris and Nicko Falcis.

She even accused the former presidential daughter of covering the tax evasion case against businesswoman Alice Eduardo.

In the past, Gretchen Barretto already had conflicts with famous women.

It is known to many that she is still not in good terms with her sisters, Claudine, and Marjorie Barretto. This is despite the fact that they came from the same parents.

Claudine Barretto, Marjorie Barretto, Gretchen Barretto
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Based on a Facebook post from GMA’s report, Gretchen is not also in good terms with Imelda Cojuangco, the mother of her long-time partner Tonyboy Cojuangco.

Greta and Tonyboy have been together for two decades and they are blessed with a daughter named Dominique.

Furthermore, she also had conflict with Angeli Pangilinan, the wife of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

Angeli Pangilinan-valenciano
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Based on a post from Pinoy Exchange, here are the text messages of Gretchen Barretto and Angeli Pangilinan to each other.


“you leave me alone. nobody trusts you, dont you ever talk about me coz i wont stop you if you start. You *#$%^? Angeli. you have nothing better to do you should listen to how people talk about you’
“You can only fool yourself! yOU TEXTED me you have no world. my world is bigger without you. You stole Gary from your sister, and you tell me you’re happy? you leave me alone! ” Dont mistake Gary’s pity for love! yOU STOLE him and stole his youth, his happiness you took. You say youre married? YUCK! Dreaming. Pity isn’t love”


“Leave me alone too! Please read the dictionary about what evil is. Ako ang nananahimik, I didnt know what happened. Ruffa asked me to pray for you while I was in USA. I defended you too, Lani was wrong too, maybe you dont know that.Many are hurt and if you continue to judge people, then it’s up to you.
Your world is getting smaller, Gretchen. I know what people say about me, but what do people say about you?
My husband and I have been married for 23 years. We are blessed.
I will not have (sic : let) you talk to me this way just bec. I wanted to find out what happened and I am entitled to my own opinion just as youre entitled to your own. I am sorry if I offended you, im not
taking sides here, for you, it’s a game and youre having fun”!

What can you say about this?

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