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It’s not yet over, here’s Nicko Falcis tirade against Kris Aquino.

NICKO FALCIS TIRADE – The former managing director of Kris Aquino, Nicko Falcis continues tirade against her amid worsening feud.

The social media has become the platform of the ongoing and intensifying feud of Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis to which has all started after the latter was accused of stealing by the former of stealing from her company.

Her brother lawyer Jesus Falcis also got himself involved in the issue of his brother against the Queen of All Media with controversial back fires to Kris. However, they might have defended themselves but the netizens who follow their story are noticing that the defenses made by the Falcis brothers are accordingly irrelevant.

And it was not yet over indeed as Kris’ former managing director is still not yet done in attacking her through social media posts.

Nicko Falcis has stated fully in his continuing tirade against Kris Aquino amid feud in social media:

On our family being called a PAWN of ‘people in power’–Thank you very much for pointing that out to me, and to everyone watching your Facebook / IG / YT Live. At least now it’s confirmed: how you rich and powerful people think of us working class– who have to claw our way to get the proper education to earn a rightful degree, so we can then work long and hard to provide properly for our families. But despite our diligence or loyalty, we will never be treated as equals by people such as you or by the ‘people in power’ because we carry no political nor haciendero surname. 
You know the depths of your powers well enough to be aware that you can put an end to this. You say you want to release the anger, but it seems you bask in it. Or rather you seethe in it, knowing that a mere PAWN chose to speak the truth against the so-called Queen.

Read full below:

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