Kris Aquino Legal Spokesperson Shares Falcis Is Yet To Surrender & Post Bail

Kris Aquino Spokesperson

Kris Aquino spokesperson shares update after Falcis received warrant of arrest. KRIS AQUINO SPOKESPERSON – The legal spokesperson of celebrity and entrepreneur Kris Aquino speaks about filed cases versus Nicko Falcis. Previously, arrest warrant issued versus Nicko Falcis hit the online news headlines after the Taguig City fiscal dismissed the qualified theft complaint but found … Read more

Nicko Falcis Camp Statement Over Arrest Warrant Versus Accused

Nicko Falcis Camp

Here’s Nicko Falcis Camp statement over arrest warrant. NICKO FALCIS CAMP – The camp of the accused Nicko Falcis on his legal battle versus Kris Aquino released statement regarding the arrest warrant. Financial issues which led to the court between actress Kris Aquino and her former business partner and manager Nicko Falcis have seemingly not ended yet. … Read more

Kris Aquino Blocked By Nicko Falcis On Instagram, Falcis Reacts To This

Kris Aquino

Nicko Falcis allegedly did this to Kris Aquino. KRIS AQUINO – The media mogul Kris Aquino got blocked by Nicko Falcis on Instagram to which has garnered various comments from the netizens. Because of financial conflict involving Kris Aquino’s KCAP, her relationship with her former managing director Nicko Falcis whom she accused of stealing from … Read more

Falcis Brothers Mother Speaks Up On Issue, Leaves Message For Kris Aquino

Falcis Brothers Mother

Falcis brothers mother speaks up about issue against Kris Aquino. FALCIS BROTHERS MOTHER – The mother of the Falcis brothers, Nicko and Jesus, speaks up about sons’ theft issues and controversies against Kris Aquino. After the attacks of the Falcis brothers against Kris Aquino following all their revelations and complaints they have had, their sister … Read more

Nicko Falcis Reveals Php 500,000.00+ Expenses With Kris Aquino’s Consent

Nicko Falcis

Nicko Falcis reveals more “resibo” against Kris Aquino. NICKO FALCIS – Former KCAP’s managing director Nicko Falcis continues to attack Kris Aquino by revealing more “resibos” including Php 500,000.00+ HK expenses. As previously reported, Kris Aquino filed 44 counts of theft against Nicardo M. Falcis II. She accused him of stealing an amount of ₱1,270,980.31 from … Read more

Jesus Falcis Reveals More “Lies” Of Kris Aquino, Says They Will Dethrone Her

Jesus Falcis

Lawyer Jesus Falcis attacks Kris Aquino anew. JESUS FALCIS – The lawyer and Nicko Falcis’ brother, Jesus Falcis, attacked Kris Aquino anew in a controversial post revealing more of her alleged lies. Initially, it was the lawyer Jesus Falcis, brother of KCAP’s former managing director Nicko Falcis who back fired to Kris Aquino’s theft complaint. … Read more

Gretchen Barretto Revelations Being “Sawsawera” On Issue Of Aquino & Falcis

Gretchen Barretto Revelations

Here are Gretchen Barretto revelations for reacting on issue of Aquino and Falcis. GRETCHEN BARRETTO REVELATIONS – The singer and actress Gretchen Barretto finally breaks silence over reactions on Aquino-Falcis issue. Previously, Gretchen Barretto has this intriguing post about seemingly taking the side of Nicko Falcis in his issue with former business partner, actress Kris … Read more