Yen Santos Gets Birthday Surprise From Jericho Rosales

Yen Santos Gets Birthday Surprise From Her Halik Co-Star Jericho Rosales

YEN SANTOS – Kapamilya actress Yen Santos got a  birthday surprise from her Halik co-star Jericho Rosales.

ABS-CBN talent Lilieyen Santos or better known as Yen Santos starred in the movie Northern Lights: A Journey to Love with actor Piolo Pascual.

Currently, she top-bills the TV series Halik along with actors Jericho RosalesSam Milby and Yam Concepcion among others.

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The story revolves around the lives of the characters most especially the unlawful affair between Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion’s characters.

Kapamilya primetime show Halik is currently one of the most popular and most talked-about tv series in the country.

A hilarious video of Yen Santos’s character Jacky’s encounter with Yam’s character Jade recently went viral on social media.

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Last November 20, 2018, Yen Santos turned 26. The Halik actress received an awesome birthday surprise from her co-star Jericho Rosales.

Santos’s birthday was celebrated with her fans and some of the staff of the tv series. She was touched by the gesture of Rosales.

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On the video, Jericho hid on the bushes waiting for Yen to come out from the building. As Santos walked passed him, he barked like a dog and it startled the actress, he then embraced her of her fright.

The staff then came out singing happy birthday while holding the cakes. They also chanted “Birthday Na Ni Lilieyen” for the birthday girl.

Netizens also expressed their reactions on the surprise birthday party of Yen Santos on @Showbiz Pinas’s uploaded Youtube video. Here are some of their comments:

@Roinuj McGyver85: “Happy birthday Yen! Ang sweet mo talaga echo!”

@Fatimah Solaiman: “Wow ang so weet naman happy birthday jacky”

@Rita Mae Bangon: “Kilig much…sana kayo nalang, Happy Birthday yen”

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Even the netizens find Jericho Rosales’s effort sweet and thoughtful for surprising Yen on her birthday. The actress was surely touched by Echo’s surprise.

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