LOOK: Jericho Rosales’ Fan Posts What Actor Unexpectedly Did For Her

Fan of Jericho Rosales Posts What He Unexpectedly Did for Her During their Encounter

JERICHO ROSALES – A fan of Halik actor Jericho Rosales revealed through a social media post what the actor unexpectedly did for her.

Undeniably, one of the finest and most brilliant actors in the Philippine entertainment industry is Jericho Rosales. He is even tagged as the “Asian Drama King“. The actor is known not just in the country but even in other countries.


In real-life, Jericho is married to model Kim Jones. The celebrity couple has no child yet but they visibly enjoy their life as a married couple. The actor has a model son with his previous partner, he is Santino Rosales.


Visibly, Jericho Rosales or more commonly known as “Echo” in the showbiz industry has thousands of supporters in the Philippines. One lucky fan recently got a chance to meet the actor in person.


Through a post, Jericho Rosales’ fan “Dennish Dianne Adriano” revealed that she approached the Halik actor and asked for a photo with him.

However, according to her, Echo told her to wait as he is looking for a store. The fan admitted that she frowned and thought that the actor is unpleasant or not kind.

Based on the post of the fan of Jericho Rosales, unexpectedly, after thirty minutes, the actor returned while she was fixing the menus. According to her, Echo invited her for a photo of them together.


The social media post of Jericho Rosales’ fan went viral on Facebook. Based on the comment, it is a throwback photo of the fan with the actor.

As of this writing, it has already reached more than twenty-seven thousand shares. Here are some of the comments on the post:

Celina Faye Landicho: “Cruuuuush ko yaaaan”

Ate Beth Macaraig: “Hala…Den paborito ko sya, Ang swerte mo bait nman ni jericho.”

Rowena Valenzuela Adriano: “Infairness Dennish Dianne Adriano pang artista naman beauty mo.. sino ba mama mo? Ganda rin siguro”

Joxe Almeda Adriano: “Para lang kayong mag ate hahaha!!!”

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