Mar Roxas Used Yolanda Funds For Election – Blogger’s Open Letter

Mar Roxas is accused of using Yolanda funds for his political ambition, stated in the open letter from a blogger

Former Department of Local and Interior Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas is  accused of using the Yolanda funds for election.

Mar Roxas
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Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, who is known as a pro-Duterte blogger, criticized the politician on her Facebook Page.

The lawyer said that Roxas used the funds for Yolanda victims for his own political ambition.

Cruz-Angeles recalled the alleged incident because of the recent typhoon and the plan of Roxas to run for Senator this coming 2019 elections.

“Sa tutoo lang, Mar, alam namin yung negligence mo, yung kakulangan mo sa training, sa expertise. Bitbit mo lang yung yabang mo nung nagpatalaga ka bilang in-charge sa disaster relief nun. Hanggang ngayon, di ka pa nag sorry sa mga taong namatay habang nagiintay ng saklolo sa iyo,” the blogger said on her post.

Trixie Cruz-Angeles
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She also challenged Mar Roxas to come clean and reveal how they converted the Yolanda funds to their alleged election budget.

Cruz-Angeles even involved the name of former DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman. “Dahil napilitan syang maglibing ng nabubulok na bigas, na realize namin na she was hoarding it for campaign purposes,” she pointed out.

The blogger also accused those people in the Aquino administration of taking government funds to finance their political plans.

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“At yan ang isa pang dahilan kung bakit di ka namin mapagbigyan, Mar Roxas. Lahat ng nakawan in the second half of the Aquino administration ay gawa ng informal na policy na ito. Na mag raise ng pera para sa 2016 elections — kung saan IKAW ang Liberal Party bida,” Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles said.

She also wished that once again, Mar Roxas will not win in the upcoming election. The blogger stressed out that the politician deserve a worse penalty than losing as a Senator. “Dapat nga kulong eh,” Cruz-Angeles stated.

Here is the open letter.

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