Marcelito Pomoy Overwhelmed For Invitation From Celine Dion

Marcelito Pomoy has an overwhelming reaction to the invitation from Celine Dion

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 champion Marcelito Pomoy received an invitation from Celine Dion and that overwhelmed him so much.

Just recently, the Pinoy singer was the guest of Ellen DeGeneres in The Ellen Show.

Marcelito Pomoy

His performance of the song The Prayer received a standing ovation from the audience.

Aside from the heart-warming reaction from the members of the audience, Marcelito Pomoy also received praise from Ellen.

“So, here you are because you’re amazing,” the famous talk show host said to Marcelito.

Marcelito Pomoy Ellen DeGeneres

It was such an amazing experience for the Pinoy singer. It is because he did not thought he will still have the chance to be in the show.

He shared to Ellen that when he received a message from, he initially could not believe, not until he got the plane ticket to LA.

Aside from the overwhelming chance to be in The Ellen Show, Marcelito Pomoy also got an incredible offer from Celine Dion.

Marcelito Pomoy

He considers the Canadian diva as his inspiration and his favorite singer.

The PGT alumna also revealed that the songs of Celine brought inspiration to him to strive for his singing career, especially The Prayer which caused a major change in his life.

Ellen DeGeneres knew how Marcelito Pomoy admires the Canadian singer.

Celine Dion
(Photo source: Arab News)

The TV host said to the Pinoy singer, “you love Celine Dion. She’s my friend and I called Celine, told her about you. She wants to meet you. So you gonna go to Vegas, you gonna see her show.”

As Ellen was saying this, Marcelito expressed his overwhelming joy to the opportunity to meet his favorite singer.

Marcelito Pomoy Ellen DeGeneres

The Pinoy singer said thank you with a slight bow to express his delight.

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