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3:50 PM October 23, 2018

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4:42 PM October 23, 2018

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Darren Espanto Gayness issue fuels rumors about the “identity” of the singer.

DARREN ESPANTO GAYNESS ISSUE – The issue about the “gayness” Tweet of JK Labajo tagging Darren Espanto fuels something.

JK Labajo‘s controversial “gayness” Tweet has created and ignited a loud fuss online as he had tagged the person people least expect him to do so – Darren Espanto – of whom is his fellow contestant in The Voice Kids where they have both started a career.

Darren Espanto Gayness

Photo grabbed on Twitter

And recently, this controversial Tweet from Labajo triggered Darren and called out his fellow singer and replied, “Timing ‘no? Dinelete ng “hacker” mo yung tweet na ‘to after kang kausapin ng management. Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA.”

Darren Espanto Gayness Issue

Photo grabbed on Twitter

Now, following the controversy, there are some netizens who accused Espanto of being “gay” for real but the singer did not back down from all these accusations and even had this furious reply to a netizen who doubted his sexual orientation amid the controversies and issues.

See the post below:

Darren Espanto Gayness Issue

Photo grabbed on Twitter

And here are some of the reactions of the netizens based on the comment section of the post:

@edzizzle_: grabe, pati bata pinapatulan nyo. never ever call a person ‘gay’ who never identified himself as a gay. ganun ka-simple.

@jbmmarck: kayong dalawa lang talaga ang makakatapos ng problem na yan. Di madali but please magkaayos na kayo. Just love pls.

Medi_sapphire: guys mag usap kayo ng personal. Yung mahinahon, makinig sa paliwanag ng bawat isa. Kasi kayo lang makaka end nyan.

@marie_lxzn: Edi bumalik sayo!! Huwag ka kasing magsabi Sabi ng kung ano2. Totoo nga yung “what you say, what you are” kaya gurl mag Ingat ka next time!!!

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