JK Labajo GF Dia Mate Joins Miss World Philippines After MUPH Stint

jk labajo dia mate

Will JK Labajo share a post again about his girlfriend’s pageant stint? Beauty queen Dia Mate, the girlfriend of singer-actor JK Labajo, joined the Miss World Philippines pageant after her stint in Miss Universe Philippines. JK and Dia’s relationship became public early this year. From that, they became more open about their relationship. The singer-actor … Read more

JK Labajo Still Angry Over Mother’s Untimely Death

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JK Labajo Opens Up About His Mother’s Death JK LABAJO – Singer-songwriter JK Labajo revealed he still suffers from anger 11 years after his mom’s untimely death. Kapamilya singer-actor JK Labajo is still angry and regrets the early death of his mother in 2013 due to pancreatic cancer. Even though several years have passed since … Read more

JK Labajo Says He’s Proud Of His Girlfriend Dia Maté

jk labajo dia mate

JK Labajo expressed support for his beauty queen girlfriend Singer-actor JK Labajo said that he is proud of his girlfriend Miss Universe Philippines 2024 candidate Dia Maté. In February this year, JK and Dia have their relationship’s soft launch on Instagram. With their sweet videos together, it was easy for netizens to conclude that Dia … Read more

JK Labajo Won Hearts of Netizens for Putting Baby’s Safety First at His Concert

JK Labajo

JK Labajo Earns Praise From Netizens for Prioritizing Baby’s Safety First at His Concert JK Labajo won the hearts of netizens with his considerate act towards a two-month-old baby at one of his concerts. Juan Karlos Labajo, a Filipino alternative rock artist showed his caring side during a performance by prioritizing the safety of a … Read more

JK Labajo Shares “Wild” Encounters With Fans

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JK Labajo talked about the unexpected things that his fans did for him Singer-songwriter JK Labajo shared the “wild” encounters he had with his fans and the “crazy” things they had done for him. JK is one of the most popular musicians of this generation. After joining a kiddie singing competition, he proved his talent … Read more

JK Labajo Flexes His Girlfriend Dia Mate

JK Labajo is happy and in love Singer-songwriter JK Labajo flexed his girlfriend Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate on his recent Instagram post. Topics about JK’s love life have become louder these past few days. It is because of his photos with a beauty queen. The singer-songwriter has not released an official statement about this but … Read more

Maureen Wroblewitz On Being Friends w/ JK Labajo

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Is Maureen Wroblewitz ready to be friends with her ex-boyfriend? Model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz has this answer when asked if she is ready to reconnect her friendship with her ex-boyfriend singer-songwriter JK Labajo. Maureen and JK broke up in 2022. The model-actress is now in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend Noah Steinbuch. Just recently, JK … Read more

JK Labajo New Girlfriend: Is It MUPH Cavite Dia Mate?

jk labajo dia mate

JK Labajo and Dia Mate are together as a couple? Singer-songwriter JK Labajo is being linked to Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate because of a recent social media post. JK has been single for a while after her breakup with model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz. They confirmed their breakup in June 2022. Although they are not generous … Read more