Female Passenger Who Had No Good Seat Inside Jeepney Slammed By A Netizen

A certain netizen lambasted a female passenger who allegedly insulted other commuters after she was not able to get a good seat inside the jeepney.

Nowadays, jeepney is one of the most popular public utility vehicles in the Philippines helping the Filipino people to reach their point of destinations.

However, commuters might encounter inconvenience and further troubles with their fellow passengers while riding jeepney.

Female Passenger

Recently, a Facebook user named Jonas Gan has lambasted a female commuter who allegedly insulted other passengers after she was not able to sit properly inside the jeepney.

The raging lady allegedly shouted “wala man lang sa inyong gentleman” after she wasn’t able to get a good seat.

Jonas called her out and asked if she is pregnant, PWD, and senior citizen so they could prioritize her to avail a good seat.

The woman answered “hindi pero BABAE AKO”

Here is the full story:

“What’s wrong with this picture?
The fact that she volunteered to sit there after she wasn’t able to find a good seat & then afterward complained, saying out loud “wala man lang sa inyong gentleman”.

I called her out & asked her:
1. Buntis ka ba?
2. PWD ka?
3. Senior Citizen ka ba?

Hola! She burst in anger & said:
hindi pero BABAE AKO”.



NO ONE should be given special rights & privileges based on gender as this follows the logic that no one should be discriminated based on gender.

She eventually stepped down the jeep (🤷‍♂️) as I ended our heated exchange with:
“Equality ang tawag jan, ate” 
& she ended her’s with:

I guess it was fate I rode the jeepney going to work today.


The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the post:

Female Passenger

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