Heart Evangelista Asks Chiz Escudero Tough, Sweet Questions

Heart Evangelista Asks Husband Senator Chiz Escudero Some Tough and Sweet Questions On Vlog

HEART EVANGELISTA – Filipino actress Heart Evangelista asked Senator Chiz Escudero some tough and sweet questions on her video vlog.

Chiz Escudero and his wife Heart Evangelista recently experienced a painful loss of their unborn child. On the third month of her pregnancy, the actress announced on social media that they’ve lost their first baby.

Based on a report, they found out that the baby’s heart stopped beating. Heart promised that she will be a better mother in the future and for now, she’ll have to move forward.

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Recently, Heart Evangelista featured her husband Chiz Escudero on her Youtube vlog. The actress threw some tough and intimate questions to her husband.

Their topic includes Escudero’s love life, career and their past experiences in life.

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Heart Evangelista also made Chiz share about his dreams while he was younger and his experiences on his first job.

She also made him recall about the two law firms who rejected him, how he courted the actress, and how he made Heart ride a jeepney for the first time. He also shared some tips on how to live life to the fullest.

Some of his answers even made Heart surprised.

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Chiz Escudero said that he wanted to become a politician. When his teacher asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he answered “the president of our class”.

His first job was a teaching assistant at the Department of Political Science in UP.

Escudero revealed that he applied thrice for a job but the first two rejected him. He concluded that it’s already a rejection for he didn’t receive any callbacks.

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Chiz told the story of how he took his wife on their first serious date. He said he fetched Heart by driving a jeepney for she admitted that she’s never been ridden a jeepney before.

He shared life tips like “It’s all about getting up, getting back up again”.

Escudero also said on the vlog that nobody really lives a perfect life, all people must go through several humps in our lives.

No matter how many times we fall, we have to get up.

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