President Duterte’s Controversial Statements On Rice Shortage & EJK Elicits Reactions Online

President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial statements on rice shortage and Extrajudicial Killings (EJKs) earned various reactions online.

The Philippines is now facing different issues and problems contributing to the burden of Filipino people, which needs an immediate solution.

The EJK incidents and the rice shortage have been the most discussed topics over the past few years under Duterte administration.

Controversial Statements

Recently, President Duterte had jokingly blamed the rehabbed drug addicts in the country because of the rice crisis.

Duterte discussed drug addicts who were skipping meals before, due to use of illegal but they were regularly eating now after rehabilitation.

“Halos lahat sila payat. Kinakain ang shabu. Alam mo kung bakit payat sila? Hindi sila kumakain, Ngayon na marami nang na-rehab kaya tayo nagkaroon ng rice crisis. Kumakain na ang mga ulol eh,” Duterte said.

Controversial Statements

Earlier, Mr. Duterte said on his statement that his only fault he made was the Extrajudicial Killings.

“Ano kasalanan ko? Nagnakaw ba ako diyan ni piso? Did I prosecute somebody na pinakulong ko? Ang kasalanan ko lang ‘yung extrajudicial killings,” the president said.

Controversial Statements

However, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque clarified that the president is not serious on his remarks.

“Well, alam mo naman si Presidente, ano. Hindi na naman iyan seryoso ‘no,”  Roque said.

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