Ging Racaza’s Friend Reveals Truth Over Liz Uy-Raymond Affair Before Annulment

A friend of Dra. Ging Racaza made revelations.

A friend of controversial Dra. Ging Racaza revealed details proving something about Liz Uy’s affair with her husband even before their annulment.

Dra. Geraldine “Ging” Zamora-Racaza is the ex-wife of the businessman Raymond Racaza, the father of the baby of celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

The female doctor has made it to the headlines after Liz Uy has revealed in an interview that her former husband now is the father of baby Xavi, stylist’s son.

In an interview, Uy shared and revealed that she and the businessman had a relationship after the annulment but a friend of Ging has said otherwise in a surprising revelation.

In a Facebook post from Doray Delarmente, some details have seemingly shed some light over the confusions of the people about the revelations of Uy and the annulment of her marriage.

Based on the post, Delarmente and Ging have accordingly known each other for roughly a couple of decades already.

“I am crying as I write this piece. No one deserves this pain … and no one deserves to be treated like this, especially for someone as kind as you,” the netizen wrote in the post.

She further added as she expressed her support for her friend doctor, “I felt your pain when he filed the annulment, and during the first court hearing last MAY 2017, and even more pain when the judge signed the petition last JANUARY 2018.”

The netizens have then noted it for Xavi was born on September 20, 2017. Probably, Uy got pregnant January 2o17, roughly 5 months before the first court hearing of the annulment her now ex-husband filed against her.

“You broke down. A person as nice as you do not deserve that kind of experience. You and your daughter do not deserve that,” the post further detailed.

Read the full Facebook post below:

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