Liz Uy Shocking Revelations Earns Reaction From Dr. Ging Racaza, Wife Of Son’s Father

Dr. Ging Racaza reacts to the revelations of Liz Uy.

LIZ UY – Former partner of the father of Liz Uy’s son has this reaction over the stylist’s revelation about her relationship with Raymond Racaza and her controversial pregnancy.

Everyone has definitely got shocked when the celebrity stylist Liz Uy has introduced her baby boy she named Xavi to the public through an Instagram post as per the previous article.

The people have then wondered as to who could be the father of the child and the name Raymond Racaza emerged.

He is the president, COO, and Co-Founder of Xurpas, Inc. and married to Dr. Geraldine Zamora Racaza but their marriage was now reportedly annulled.

With the stirring affair of Uy and Racaza, the celebrity stylist has finally broken her silence as she revealed that he is indeed the father of their child and that they are now living together in an article.

They met last 2016 as Isabelle Daza introduced them to each other and that meeting has sparked connection immediately they never thought they would have between each other.

They were not ready to have baby Xavi but her son was the sweetest and greatest twist she had in her life. Baby Xavi softened her rough edges.

“Despite her other obligations, she would always rush home to be with our son,” Raymond said about Liz.

And now, after these shocking revelations, ex-wife of Raymond, Dr. Ging Racaza, admitted that she “unfortunately” read the article.

Liz Uy

Moreover, their annulment process has accordingly started last year and was over just this year.

However, some comments we have obtained has refuted the claims from the article in PhilStar for Uy has accordingly already met the female doctor’s husband last 2014. Thus, refuted claims that they just met in 2016.

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Liz Uy Liz Uy Liz Uy

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