Sharon Cuneta’s post got lambasted.

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s post got lambasted after posting about a dream house, pink diamond, and an old letter from an ex-boyfriend.

Sharon Cuneta is undeniably one of the female celebrities who are already wealthy before entering the show business. To which her profession as a celebrity only made her richer. Probably, any material thing anyone is asking for, the Megastar has it. She also probably has possessions from all luxurious brands one could only imagine.

However, despite the happiness that she projects having all the riches without even minding of the amount she needs to pay, people can still see something behind the posts of the Megastar. These posts have somehow given the netizens an impression that she is already bragging.

See some of her recent posts below:

(TAKE TWO. WITH ONLY ALL MY HAPPY!) This is a rendition of the back of the house which Conrad Onglao designed for us. I was going to build it but changed my mind. I have other ideas for it in my head and I don’t mind taking my time in making these changes. Baka mamaya ayoko na lumipat! First change: Shrink it. @conrad_onglao Conrad please do not strangle me but I want to change na naman some things! Hahahaha! Seriously, this drawing represents three stories (you don’t see the basement level). Spanning 5 lots totalling approximately 4,000 sqm, the house alone was going to have a floor area of 3,500 sqm. Now my house in Wack-Wack Village was also huge (that one had an attic spanning 3/4 the size of our ground floor, with 7 airconditioners that it could totally have become a whole “condo” unit kung may banyo lang; an elevator, a dumbwaiter (food elevator para di lagi kailangan mag jogging o golf cart ang mga katulong namin sa bahay! Lab ko sila eh. Ayan na-spoil. May mga naglakihan ang ulo. Bye!) – but this one was gonna be “huger.” Then we moved to this condo floor, which, to us, seems cozier and has made us become “closer.” The farmhouse is also lovely. After all, a home is where you are happy with your loved ones. I’ll just build something for what grows with us through the years – big enough to hold my and all our stuff, though! But our living space where we actually live and interact? We need cozy. ?❤️?

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The posts are about the “huger house” she wanted, the pink diamond she always dreamed of, and the love letter she received from a former partner before she met Kiko.

And here are some of the comments of the netizens from an entertainment website regarding the matter:

I see she’s gloating about her material possessions, using God’s name in vain. But more than anything, I see a very sad existence in Sharon. She speaks of things that don’t really matter, things that wane, things that have been, and things not yet to be.

Minention Niya Si Kiko sa second post na,”Magpost kaya ako Ng isa sa love letters Ng isa sa dalawang tao lang na pinakaminahal Ko before I met Kiko.” Ano kaya magpost ka na lang Ng mga binigay ni Kiko instead of your exes.

I wish she will refrain from using socmed. She is just exposing her bizarre thoughts and even stranger ways. I hope it is just hormonal imbalance but it seems it is more serious than that.

What can you say about this?

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