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3:42 AM July 21, 2018

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3:42 AM July 21, 2018

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The Chiong story film still under fire of intense criticisms.

CHIONG STORY – The film “Jacqueline Comes Home” is still under fire of criticisms over all the allegations that have emerged before and after its premiere.

July 16 of 1997, the mysterious disappearance of the Chiong sisters shocked the Cebu City and the country. A couple of days after they have gone missing, a body was found and was identified to be Marijoy’s where some examinations conducted showed that the body was raped for numerous times before it was thrown in a cliff alive and died due to a hemorrhage.

However, there had been no further methods done in the distorted body for it to be confirmed that it was one of the Chiong sisters.

And recently, a film about the Chiongs has been made starring Meg Imperial and Donnalyn Bartolome to play as Jacqueline and Marijoy respectively.

Chiong Story

Photo lifted from MyTimesNow

In a previous report, Imperial defended herself and the film after the people started hitting them, the actresses, for accepting the role in the film with accordingly has biased views about the case.

Thelma Chiong was even reported of abruptly leaving the cinema as she cannot stand watching the scenes of the movie.

Chiong Story

Photo lifted from Bombo Radyo

And now, Donnalyn Bartolome, speaks for her part as well for accepting the role.

On Facebook, she has stated, “Hindi ako reklamador na artista, kasi sino ba naman ako pero Viva Artists Agency pakiklaro po sa mga taong ito kung ano ang totoo. You can all say di ako nagresearch kahit I did but the team led me to believe na may surprise ending NA WALA SA MGA ARTISTA ANG NAKAKAALAM para macurious ang mga tao SAYING kung ano talaga nangyari kay Jacqueline.”

Read her full post below:

Chiong Story

Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Donnalyn Bartolome

I am so tired taking all the blame tapos di niyo pa iningatan inupload niyo pa ito not thinking mamisunderstand ng mga tao. Dapat iningatan kami kung ayaw man sabihin saaming mga artista ang ending,” she said.

What can you say about this?

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