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6:30 AM July 20, 2018

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6:30 AM July 20, 2018

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Jack Logan Posts Take On Controversial Case Involving Chiong Sisters, Paco Larrañaga

CHIONG SISTERS – Social media celebrity Jack Logan made an expose video about the controversial case of the Chiong sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline.

Recently, the social media platforms were filled with netizens’ reaction over the controversial case of the Chiong sisters. Based on a report, Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong suddenly disappeared two decades ago, specifically in 1997, in Cebu.

Seven men, tagged as the Chiong 7, were accused over the disappearance of the two daughters of Dionisio and Thelma Chiong. One of those who were accused is Paco Larrañaga, a student studying in Quezon City during that time.

The netizens have different reactions to the Chiong Sisters case. There were those took the side of the parents of the parents of Jacqueline and Marijoy while there are those who believe that Paco is innocent and also a victim.

Jacqueline Comes Home

Many undeniably questioned the gesture of the mother of the Chiong sisters towards Davidson Rusia, the man who admitted to being involved in the disappearance of Marijoy and Jacqueline. Thelma even reportedly bring him clothes, food, and money.

The controversial case which has hooked the attention of many people most especially the Cebuanos became the talk on social media as the movie Jacqueline Comes Home crossed the surface. It was inspired by the story of the two sisters who suddenly disappeared one day.

A video entitled Give Up Tomorrow also went viral on the social media. It speaks the side of Paco Larrañaga who is now a chef during the day and returns behind the bar during the night in Spain.

Recently, social media celebrity Jack Logan made an expose video on the controversial Chiong sisters case. Here’s the video:

What can you say about this?

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