Deniece Cornejo’s Malicious Charges Against Vhong Navarro Junk By DOJ

Deniece Cornejo’s filed charges against Vhong Navarro got junked.

DENIECE CORNEJO – The Department of Justice junked the two counts of rape charges against Vhong Navarro following controversial mauling incident last 2014.

To recall, it was in 2014 when the Kapamilya star Vhong Navarro fatally beaten up broke off the news. The persons involved with the mauling incident were Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz, Jed Fernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero, and Deniece Cornejo.

His photo where his face got hideous because of the bruises and other severe damages surfaced, thus, shocked the people. The brutal mauling incident accordingly happened last January 22, 2014.

In a previous report, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) decided to file charges against Lee and other personalities involved with the brutal attack on Navarro.

And just last year, Deniece Cornejo filed rape charges against Navarro. In her statement, she revealed having an infection from the harassment.

Cornejo filed two counts of rape — by sexual intercourse and by sexual assault — that happened last Jan. 17 and 22, 2014, respectively in her condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio.

But this was junked by the DOJ.

According to a report from the ABS-CBN, there is “no sufficient evidence to warrant [Navarro’s] indictment for rape and attempted rape, there is no compulsion to indict him accordingly.”

DOJ also furthered that the supposed “new evidence” was already “discoverable and available” beforehand.

“In other words, these pieces of evidence are not newly discovered evidence and are being introduced in violation of the principle governing newly discovered evidence.”

“Her case implodes from its own weakness. It would be such a stretch to breathe credibility into what is essentially lifeless simply because [Navarro] fits the profile of a rapist. The profile does not help,” the resolution pointed out according to the report.

What can you say about this?

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