LIST: Salary Rate Of OFW Household Workers In Various Countries Worldwide Revealed

Salary Rate Of OFW Household Workers In Various Countries Worldwide Revealed

Here is the list of salary rate of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) household workers in different countries all around the world.

OFWs are known as the people who left the country and work abroad just to earn a huge amount of cash for their families and loved ones.

Most female OFWs are working as domestic helper (DH) or houseful service workers (HSW) performing different types of tasks for their foreign employers.

Household Workers

Pinoy migrant workers choose to work abroad and sacrificing their lives because of the larger income they could earn abroad.

Recently, the estimated monthly salary rate of Pinay domestic helpers based on the actual minimum wage in different countries have been revealed online.

Household Workers

Here are some of the OFWs household workers estimated earnings:

Bahrain – BHD160 ( P21,376+)

Brunei – US$400 (P20, 000+)

China – 4,500 to 6,000 Yuan (P 33,000+ – P45, 000+)

Cyprus – 314 to 400 Euros per month (P18, 000+ – P23, 000+)

Canada – C$14.44 (P570+) per hour

Dubai – HSWs salary in Dubai depends on the employer and the length of their duty. They could earn around 1,500 Dirhams (P20, 500+)

Egypt – $450 and $700 (P22, 600+ – P35, 000+) per month plus benefits.

France – $650 and $750 (P32, 700+ – P37, 700+)

Guam – 600 to 650 Euros (P35, 600+ – P38, 600+)

Hong Kong – Filipinas working in Hong Kong has different salary rate, which depends on their employer. The minimum salary is set to HKD4, 310 (P27, 765) but some of them claim to be receiving only HKD4, 210 (P27, 121). Other luckier HSWs receive HKD5, 000(P32, 000+), some receive HKD6, 200(P39, 940) and some receive as much as HKD8, 000 (P51, 000+).

Ireland – A HSWs in Ireland claimed that she receives a salary rate of 4,300 Euros (P255, 000+). Nevertheless, the fact is yet to be verified.

Israel – HSWs in Israel earn $1,300 (65,000+). Could be lower or higher depending on the employer

Japan – JP¥136,203(P61,000+)

Kuwait – 100 to 120 Kuwaiti Dinars (P16, 000+ – P20, 000+) per month.

KSA – SAR 1,500 to SAR2, 000 (P 20,000+ – P26, 000+)

Lebanon – HSWs in Lebanon usually receives a monthly salary of $400 (P20, 000+)

Malaysia –1,500 to 1,600 Malaysian Ringgit (P17, 000 -P18, 000+)

Macau – 5,000 Pataca (P41,000+)

Morocco – 4,000 Moroccan Dirhams (P21,000)

Oman –120 to 140 Omani Riyal (P15,000 to P18,000+)

Qatar – Pinay HSWs works in Qatar usually earn 1,200 to 1,460 Qatari Riyal (P 16,000+ to P20,000+ ) depending on the employer.

Singapore – The salary of HSWs in Singapore varies depending on the employer. They are earning from 550 to 750 Singaporean Dollars (P20,000+ to P27,000+)

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