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8:34 AM June 18, 2018

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8:34 AM June 18, 2018

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Pinoy Seaman Accidentally Falls Out From Ship But Miraculously Survived

A Pinoy seaman accidentally fallout from the ship he was boarding but miraculously survived a near-death sea experience.

Seamen are surely having a difficult and tough life away from the family, friends, and loved ones just to earn a huge amount of money to provide the necessities of the families.

These sea-based migrant workers are tasked to perform responsibilities in the sea and work with people who may not speak their language.

Pinoy Seaman

Recently, the Facebook page “Seaman Problems” has shared the story of a Filipino seaman who falls out from the ship he was boarding but miraculously survived.

Survivor mate Loreto accidentally fallout from their ship while performing his duties but his colleagues didn’t notice that he fall from the deck and no one heard him asking for help due to the noise of reefer container.

Loreto feels hopeless after he saw their ship sailing away and continued to swim even without a life vest although he was badly injured due to the incident.

Pinoy Seaman

The Filipino seafarer experienced extreme hardships swimming in the sea and almost ate by a shark.

Pinoy Seaman

After few hours of suffering in the sea, the Pinoy seaman was rescued by US Coast Guard and immediately brought to the hospital.

Pinoy Seaman

Here’s the full story:

“Confession of survivor mate Loreto:

I was at the duty (0400-0800) ‘’Kwatro otso’’ and was waiting for the pilot to board then at 0500H Chief officer gave me an order to go down to unlash the cargo containers so that it will be ready to discharge in port. When I went down the ships deck, me and bosun prepared the Pilot ladder, after that, bosun gave me instructions to help my crew companion (DTRN) to unlash the remaining cargoes in bay 24 and to put back the rubber carpets na kinuha naming nung isang araw cos we derust those platforms. We need to put back those platforms because doon naming ilalagay yung mga short bar and long bar pag na unlash na naming sa cargo and while I’m arranging the lashing materials, bosun went to the forward of the ship to open the bow thruster claps and unlash the anchor. Then later a minute, bosun also went to the bay 24 to help us. Bosun went with deck trainee along in the port side containers pero di masyadong malayo. I think It’s about 6 to 8 meters away from me (makikita rin kasi nakikita ko sila) There’s also light but not well illuminated tska ung nka karga na container sa bay 24 is reefer so we expect the fan noise that blowing from the machine and that time what happened to me I also walk towards the starboard side (in the end side) of the ship to unlash the seaside cargo. Nung naka pwesto na ako sa position ko I started to loose the turning buckle then suddenly I took another step of my right foot not knowing na wala na pala akong maaapakan doon na ako nahulog. I didn’t manage to hold on the things around me because it was unexpected even I realized in my self na nagulat talaga ako na bigla ako nahulog then when I fell of the ship my right back side was hit in something hard object that cause my spinal cord fractured. When I was in the water. It took a seconds for me to swim above the surface of the water kasi malakas ung force ng pag hulog ko kaya medyo matagal ako umangat sa tubig. Then I swam away from the ship kasi naiisip ko na hihigupin ako ng propeller. Malapit na kasi sa stern. Then I shouted (Manoverboard) I didn’t remember how many times I shouted pero sabi ko di parin ako maririning kasi maingay sa taas ung reefer container. I was in panic that time and I drunk a lot of seawater that could lead me into drowning and that almost I lost my hope to myself like this is gonna be the end of my life but I’m wrong. That time na parang mawawalan na ako ng hangin and yes I was exhausted cos I exerted too much energy kasi nagpapanic kna tska di mo na alam kung anong gagawin mo. The thing that hurts you most is seeing your vessel that sails away from you na walang man lng my nka alam at nka kita na nahulog ka. That time it made me burst into tears like that was the very saddest part of your life that happened. So back to the topic, nung nagpapanic ako tska parang malulunod na talaga ako tska I will almost give up na suddenly I just feel something light na parang hinila ka pataas! That moment I realized Lord was with me already. He really helped me to rise up above the surface of the water so that I can easily breath then I think to myself na tutulungan ko sarili ko. So what I did, I rapidly take off my coverall and safety shoes kasi doon ko naisip mabigat katawan ko in those things. The only bad thing is I didn’t hold my radio on my neck it was sticking in my coverall. I just realized the radio was the most important thing that I will hold on to kasi kung nsa akin parin yun while nsa dagat ako nkatawag pa ako sa kasama ko sa barko tska malalaman nila agad and they will take action immediately. But you know I was out in my mind that’s why di na nakapag isip. Now that I took off all my things in my body remaining only my sleeveless and shorts. I was the only one out in the ocean without life jacket or any floating device that I could hold on. Wala na talaga ako magagawa kundi mag float na lang kasi nakakapag relax ung body mo doon. Nag float ako til I can see the sun rise then it also made me think na total malapit na ako sa isla makikita ko naman ung mga bldgs. Ng city so why not I will try to swim it if I can? So nilangoy ko nlng talaga. I saw some couple boats and yacht passed so I shouted and waved my hand pero di parin ako nakikita o naririnig. Malakas na ung sigaw ko halos marami na akong nainom na tubig sa kakasigaw pero wla parin nkapansin so hinayaan ko nlng. I was really expecting that help will come so I didn’t give up. Napaisip ako pag nag float ako dito na wala lng naman akong ginagawa mamatay naman ako dito? So I didn’t lose hope and I believe in myself that I can do this to reach the coast and yes the most powerful thing that really guide me was the prayer! Now this time, this will be unbelievable to say but I saw one huge shark! That was twice bigger than me and that it get me nervous and scared! Yes, I was swimming all in hour but I was not thinking and expect to see that shark. So what I did I remain calm and continued swim. While I’m swimming, it was circling around me like it was thinking what the hell is this thing?! Lol but seriously wala na ako magagawa pag kinain ako ng pating. So in a few minutes na wala na rin ang pating then after a minute bumalik at nag pa ikot-ikot ulit sa katawan ko. Sobrang takot na talaga ako doon. But still I remain calm. Then mayamaya nawala na rin tapos bumalik ulit but this time it didn’t circling around me it swam along with me pero nasa forward ko siya. Then it disappeared again and it never came back. So still, d ako nawalan ng chance, langoy parin ako ng langoy and float para lng mka survive until the help will come. Not knowing the hours run so fast. Wala kasi akong relo. So I saw a helicopter that heading from me and I look up tska nag isip ako hay salamat sa wakas dumating na rin. I was sure that it was rescue kasi kulay red ung helicopter then I saw the man above the helicopter pointing into something then tiningnan ko kung ano tinuro niya so then it was the rescue boat of the US Coast Guard! Doon na talaga gumaan pakiramdam ko and it was mixed emotions na. All I say is thank you Lord like endless of thank you Lord that came into my mouth. Then when the coast guard reach up my hand they pull me off the water and bring me inside the boat. Grabe talaga iyak ko noon. Di ko ma imagine na nangyari sakin and what was made me amaze? The coast guard told me that I swim about 4 miles from the part that I fell off until they picked me up! And I stay in the ocean for 4 hours without life vest or any floatation device. Napaisip ako? What?! Then I was speechless. Even the coast guard was really amazed on what I did and how did I manage to survive that long. Yes, its unbelievable but you will realize that was just extreme survival that I experienced in my life! So after that they checked my BP and all the test that they have in the boat. My blood pressure was low and I was dehydrated. So tinusukan nila agad ako ng dextrose. The coast guard continued to talk to me like they cant believe and how did I stay in the water for that long. They said ‘’you were a MIRACLE son!’’ with the smile on their face. I really thank them that they saved my life especially the Lord for using them as an instrument. So back to the topic, when we reached the port they directly put me in the ambulance and send me into the hospital. When I arrived in the hospital, they send me in the emergency room and they did all the test and exams. The nurses and doctors never leaved me alone. They did all their best that they can just to make sure that I will be fine. So that’s all for now. Accident my happen anytime. Lagi na sa atin yun at mangyayari lng yun ng d natin inaasahan. So I advice you all that this word is the most important thing that you will always remember in your mind. ‘’SAFETY FIRST!’’ and most of all pray and have faith with the Lord and believe in your self that you can and never give up!

Photo Credits: Ging Moscoso

-Admin Trafalgar//PMMS”

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