Meet USec Dave Almarinez, Government Official Ara Mina Is Allegedly Having Affair With

Is USec Dave Almarinez the engaged guy Ara Mina having an affair with?

DAVE ALMARINEZ – Rina Navarro reportedly names her fiance who allegedly had an affair with her friend and the actress Ara Mina.

Ara Mina is in the middle of controversy after Lolit Solis has named her as the actress who is allegedly having an affair with the fiance of her close friend who also happened to be a government official.

It was in an unexpected incident as to how the actress’ friend has found out about the rumored affair. But based on a previous article, Ara Mina refuted all the allegations saying that it did not happen.

Recently though, a certain Rina Navarro has come out on Facebook as to whom the netizens pointed as the partner of the government official Ara Mina is rumored having an affair with.

Dave Almarinez
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@thisisrinanavarro)

The actress’ friend and the guy are set to get married accordingly to some reports.

And recently, in a report, through a Facebook post, Rina Navarro named someone, a government official, challenging him to tell the truth. Thus, the netizens speculated that this could be the fiance of Navarro.

Dave Almarinez
Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Rina Navarro

The government official is USec Dave M. Almarinez, the appointed chief of Philippine International Trading Corporation by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Based on his profile from PITC’s website, he “dreams to exemplify the heart of a Filipino entrepreneur through his collaborative leadership that echoes boldness and passion to achieve real economic progress and inclusive growth for all Filipinos.”

Dave Almarinez
Photo lifted from
Dave Almarinez
Photo lifted
Dave Almarinez
Photo lifted from News5 Everywhere

Moreover, he started his career in the field of public service in 2007 when he got elected as Provincial Board member of Laguna. He is also a consistent ranked Number 1 in the local elections: 2007, 2013 and 2016.

He took up Political Science at the Far Eastern University.

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