Lolit Solis’ Shocking Revelation About Ara Mina Sparks Speculations Of Affair With Friend’s Husband

Is Ara Mina having an affair with her friend’s husband?

ARA MINA – The veteran journalist Lolit Solis has a shocking revelation about Ara Mina which ignited the speculations that the actress is having an affair with a friend’s husband.

Ara Mina is definitely one of the well-loved actresses and singer ever since. She has kicked off a career in the entertainment industry when she was just 14 years old.

She has a daughter with the politician Patrick Meneses.

However, lately, a post from Lolit Solis has shocked the people making them speculate that the actress has done it again. The speculation that has sparked is about the actress discovered by her friend having an affair with the husband of the latter.

Ara Mina
Photo lifted from PEP
Ara Mina
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Based on the post of the female veteran journalist, the actress was invited to do a production number in an event and she then searched from the audience to pick someone to sing with her.

She then chanced upon a friend from the audience who was hesitant to be with her in the stage at first but later agreed.

While performing, the female audience was holding the phone of the actress for the lyrics of the performed song was there when a message notification has popped out.

The audience who happened to be a friend of the actress saw that the message was from her husband.

She took the actress’ phone with her and went to the comfort room to read the message. Right after, she confronted the actress.

Thus, ignited the speculation from the netizens that the actress was having an affair with the husband of her friend and the veteran journalist is yet to confirm the rumors from the actress.

Recalling, Ara Mina was also romantically linked to Jomari Yllana who was then married to Aiko Melendez at that particular time.

See the full post below:

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