Ara Mina Reveals Why She Didn’t File COC For 2019 Elections

This is the reason why Ara Mina decided not to run for 2019 elections

Actress Ara Mina revealed the reason why she did not file her certificate of candidacy for 2019 elections.

Previously, she showed to her friend and fellow actress Jan Marini when the latter filed her COC as Councilor of Quezon City’s District 4.

Ara Mina
(Photo source: @therealaramina IG)

Ara said on her previous post that she still have 2 days to decide whether she will push her political plan or not.

On the other hand, the filing of COC has already ended but the actress decided not to run for the next election.

Being associated with politics is not new anymore to Ara Mina. It is because her biological father Chuck Mathay has been in public service for many years.

Ara Mina
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In line with her decision, the actress shared on her recent Instagram post the reason why she decided not to run.

According to Ara, she will concentrate in supporting her father who is set to run as Mayor in Quezon City. Aside from him, her brother is also running as Councilor in San Juan.

Even if she did not file her COC, Ara will still be busy during the election period as she will campaign for her family.

Ara Mina
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“I’m proud to be part of the Mathay family. We share this sincerity to help people. We are public servants by heart. But as for me, I need to make decisions in accordance to God’s faith and guidance because of the many opportunities and blessings coming my way now, both in career and business,” she shared the reason behind her decision.

She also said that she considered a lot of things regarding how she decided about this.

On the other hand, Ara Mina said that she will continue engaging herself in helping other people.

“This has been a very meaningful part of my life over the years,” she said about ther charity works.

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