Ara Mina Breaks Silence On Alleged Affair With Government Official

Is it true that Ara Mina has an affair with a government official?

ARA MINA – Actress and businesswoman Ara Mina broke her silence on the allegation that she has an affair with a government official who has a partner.

Recently, entertainment writer Lolit Solis stated on a social media post that she feels pity towards actress Ara Mina because of the stories that are circulating about her.

Based on a report, the stories entailed that the actress was invited to sing at an event and he picked one audience to sing with her. The actress was allegedly able to convince the audience when she told her that the lyrics are on her phone.

Lolit Solis also stated in her post that the stories circulating also entail that the female audience was able to read the message of her partner for the actress. She allegedly confronted the Kapamilya actress who is her “friend”.

ara mina
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In her post, the entertainment writer stated that she will really talk to Ara Mina to known the real story.

Recently, Pep reached out to Ara Mina to get her side of the issue. According to the report, Pep senior staff writer Arniel Serato sent a message to the actress who gave a brief response putting down the allegation.

“Walang ganyang pangyayari,” she reportedly stated in her reply.

Based on the report, Ara Mina also expressed a request not to drag the other people mentioned in the issue. The actress-businesswoman also refused to answer other questions over the issue.

ara mina
@therealaramina IG
Ara Mina
Photo lifted from Instagram (@therealaramina)

Previously, the Kapamilya actress stressed that she has no time for her love life now. She is currently devoting her time to her daughter, her showbiz career, and her business. She is part of the ABS-CBN television series Araw Gabi and she also has a flourishing business – the Hazelberry Cafe.

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