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3:02 PM April 17, 2018

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3:05 PM April 17, 2018

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JB Magsaysay has an advice for Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

JB MAGSAYSAY – Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate JB Magsaysay opened up about his relationship with Coleen Garcia’s mother Maripaz Ortega.

Recently, a Despedida de Soltera was held for actress Coleen Garcia who is set to officially tie the knot with Kapamilya television host Billy Crawford this coming Friday, April 20.

Based on a report, a nautical-themed party was prepared by the families of the celebrity couple and the parents of Coleen and Billy were there. The actress’ mother, Maripaz Ortega, even went emotional when she saw the mom of her soon-to-be son-in-law.

The mother and father of Billy Crawford came all the way from abroad with the go signal of the doctor. Initially, the Kapamilya TV host expressed uncertainty over the presence of his parents on his wedding day with Coleen Garcia.

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia

Photos from | Chisms

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), among those who were also present at the Despedida de Soltera of Coleen Garcia which was held at Casa Ibarra in Pasay City is former PBB housemate JB Magsaysay.

JB Magsaysay, Coleen Garcia

Photo Credit: | @coleen IG

JB is the stepfather of the young actress. It was in 2012 when he married Maripaz Ortega. Speaking to the source, he shared that he and Maripaz have been friends for a while before they got into a romantic relationship.

“When you settle down with the person that you love, everything changes. Your whole outlook in life changes and I’m just glad that I found my true love,” the former PBB housemate said.

JB Magsaysay is among the first batch of housemates of the ABS-CBN reality show. Currently, he is in the political arena but he plans to take a break from politics to focus on his family. Based on the report, he is a barangay captain in San Juan, La Union.

With regards to his advice to the celebrity couple being the stepdad of the bride, JB Magsaysay expressed that the “best advice” that he could give to Billy and Coleen is to put God in the center of their marriage.

“In the center of their relationship so that everything’s going to work out and everything that will happen will be according to His will. Of course there will be lots of storms and struggles along the way but of course God in it, there’s going to be love,” he said based on the report.

JB Magsaysay also added that with God in the center, there is going to be selflessness, patience, and everything that the couple would hope and dream for in their relationship.

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