Is She Marco Gallo’s New Loveteam Partner Following “KissMarc’s” Split?

Marco Gallo Part of Upcoming Movie Familya Blandina

MARCO GALLO – Young Kapamilya actor Marco Gallo is set to be part of the upcoming movie Familya Blandina which will be top-billed by Karla Estrada.

It has been several months since the loveteam of former Pinoy Big Brother housemates Marco Gallo and Kisses Delavin has broken up. Many of the fans and supporters of the ‘KissMarc’ tandem were left broken-hearted by their split.

Based on a report, a misunderstanding caused the separation of the two young Kapamilya celebrities. The young actor previously said that they need the right time to talk about the problem between them and to settle it.

Kisses Delavin is now teased to young Kapamilya actor Tony Labrusca, the La Luna Sangre actor son of Boom Labrusca. Marco Gallo has previously expressed support to Tony in case he is going to be his former leading lady’s new loveteam partner.

Kisses Delavin, Marco Gallo
Marco Gallo’s Twitter Page | Kisses Delavin’s Instagram

Meanwhile, on the part of Marco Gallo, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate is now on an on-screen tandem with ASAP BFF5 member Kira Balinger based on a recent report in Pep.

Kira is the former leading lady of young actor Joshua Garcia in the ABS-CBN drama television series The Greatest Love. According to the report, Marco and Kira’s pairing would first be featured in the upcoming film Familya Blandina.

The said film is set to be top-billed by Daniel Padilla’s mother Karla Estrada and they recently had a story conference which gathered the actors and actresses that are set to be part of the upcoming movie.

Marco gallo, kira balinger
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Familya Blandina casts
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Based on the report, aside from Karla Estrada, Marco Gallo, and Kira Balinger, child actress Xia Vigor, young comedian-actor Awra Briguela, comedian Negi, 2018 Star Magic Circle member Chantal Vidal, and former PBB housemate Heaven Peralejo are also set to be part of the upcoming movie.

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