BREAKING NEWS: Abu Sayyaf Members Allegedly Took Sulu Principal By Force

Abu Sayyaf Members Suspect Over Disappearance of Sulu School Principal

ABU SAYYAF – Members of the Abu Sayyaf group are the suspect over the disappearance of an elementary school principal in Sulu.

An alarming news recently crossed the surface. A principal of an elementary school in Sulu was reportedly taken away by the members of the Abu Sayyaf and an operation conducted to retrieve the principal is still on-going.

Based on a recent report in Inquirer, Joint Task Force Sulu commander Brigadier General Cirilito Sobejana expressed that the principal was in her office at Liang Elementary School in Barangay Liang in Patikul when the incident happened.

The Brigadier General expressed that men came in and took the principal by force. According to him, an operation is still ongoing.

Abu Sayyaf

Based on the report, citing an unnamed military official, the principal was identified as Marjorie Abdul. The 58-year-old principal is allegedly living in Godinez in Patikul.

The unnamed military official further expressed that a certain Suraka and Edimar Hayudini lead the group that is suspected to be responsible for the disappearance of the school principal.

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