Netizens Found Something To Change About Xander Ford Despite Successful Surgery

Netizens Found Something That Needs To Be Changed On Xander Ford Despite Successful Surgery

The netizens found something to be changed about Xander Ford despite its successful plastic surgery, which improves his physical appearance.

Previously, Xander Ford or formerly known as Marlou Arizala proudly revealed his new look to the public after the successful plastic surgery. Most of the fans were shocked on the result of the operation, which gives Marlou a total transformation.

From being bullied and criticized online by his bashers because of his physical appearance, Marlou is now one of the good-looking celebrities in the country thanks to Dr. Eric Yapjuangco of Icon Clinic who handled the operation of Xander Ford.

Xander Ford


However, there are still some people who were bashing and criticizing the internet sensation despite the success of Marlou’s transformation.

Recently, the Facebook page “Pics” has uploaded the photo of Xander Ford holding a placard with words written “Pretty Looks” while wearing a camouflage jacket and a short exposing the knee of the latter.

The netizens have noticed the dark knees of the former boy band member and started to bash Xander again, but there are some netizens who defended the celebrity and told that no one’s perfect.

Xander Ford


Here are some of the comments:

Den Mandras: “Nakalimutan Lang nya maghilod kayo namaaaaaaaaaan. Pssssssssssstttttt ano Kya ang kulay Ng singit nya hahahahahahahahaha

Jacobo Altares: “ Relihiyoso LNG ang maitim ang tuhod lgi kc nakaluhod db yo…”

Rassel Acoba: “Ice cream with two flavor chocolate and vanilla hahahahha”

Grengia Mar Ina: “ Grabeh kung maka panglait kayo, wat if kayo yong na sa sitwasyon niya. Gagawin nyo naman siguro na magpa retoke. Kadalasan sa pinoy pamanghusga walang pakialaman nlang kaya.”

Fran Cheska: “Nagpagawa na ng mukha ah. Nakakatanggap parin ng panlalait? Wala naman kayong natulong sa pagpapagawa ng mukha nya. Pabayaan nyo nalang, di puro lait alam niyo.”

Xander Ford

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