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Updates On Marlou Arizala’s New Look After His Controversial Surgery

Marlou Arizala’s New Look Updates After His Controversial Plastic Surgery

Here are the updates on Marlou Arizala’s new look after his controversial cosmetic surgery to enhance his physical appearance.

Over past few weeks, the issue about the former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala of undergoing a plastic surgery to enhance his facial features has brought the social media by storm. The latter confirmed the issue by uploading a video announcing that he will have a nose and chin enhancement.

Dr. Samuel Eric C. Yapjuangco, a plastic surgeon of the Icon Clinic explained that they will implant a silicone on Marlou’s Chin and add a cartilage from his ears to the tip of his nose to improve his physical appearance. The surgeon also expects that the surgery would change the outlook of Arizala on his life.

Marlou Arizala’s New Look

ABS-CBN’s Rated K has featured the internet sensation revealing that he undergoes a six-hour operation focusing on his nose and chin. The show also explained that the ex-boy band member will be needing a long rest as a part of healing process.

Marlou Arizala’s New Look

On Sunday (September 24, 2017), Marlou Arizala has been featured again on Rated K after his surgical operation and showed the additional procedures to enhance Marlou’s facial features.

Marlou Arizala’s New Look

The television shows revealed that Arizala underwent dental procedures where ceramic veneers were applied on his front teeth. The latter also underwent cashmere stranding for his eyebrows and another procedure to enhance the color of Marlou’s lips.

Marlou Arizala’s New Look

The wrinkles on the latter’s jaw and forehead were also treated and eyelash extensions were also given to Marlou. The former boy band member also changed his hairstyle as a part of his transformation to Xander Ford.

Marlou Arizala’s New Look

Xander Ford:

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