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MUST-READ! Star Magic’s Statement Over John Lloyd Cruz’s Actions On Viral Video

Star Magic releases statement over JLC’s actions on viral video.

Star Magic releases statement over the actions and behaviors of one of their talents, John Lloyd Cruz, on his viral video to where he was caught in a drunk state.

star magic

Photo lifted from Twitter, PhilStar

Star Magic is a training center of the ABS-CBN Corporation to where their young artists and talents are honed to be successful and be an expert on the job they have chosen in the entertainment industry.

Young stars and talents in this management undergoes intense training in terms of acting, personality development, and enhancement on their physical aspect before they work for films, several shows, and even doing commercials.

And one of their most sought-after actors on the show business today is the prominent male celebrity John Lloyd Cruz and is also an award-winning artist for that matter.

For years, the actor has remained humble and silent over his personal matters the reason why his reputation and name remained in a clean state.

But recently, these videos of him in a drunk state was caught and immediately, the videos went viral.

The people of the social media community upon seeing the videos were in great shock over the behavior that the actor have flashed.

However, despite the judgments and the criticisms, the actor is still so glad that a lot have understood his situation which seems like he is under the influence of the alcohol that gotten into his system.

And with this, the management that handles him releases statement.

According to a report from The Philippine Star, straight from Mr. Johnny Manahan, he indicated, “JLC works hard as an actor… 18 hr. days at a stretch. He was just letting off some steam. In this age of an all pervasive social media, what is ok and innocent in private becomes worthlessly controversial in public. He will have learned his lesson and be more careful in the future.”

What can you say about this?

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