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LOOK! Coffee Culture In Negros Gets Odd Painting On Wall

Coffee Culture gains attention.

COFFEE CULTURE – A coffee shop from Negros, the Culture Coffee, gets attention because of the odd painting it has on its walls.

Hanging out and chilling out is now not usually done on their respective homes anymore.

As it can be notice nowadays, a lot of coffee shops have opened which is perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and to just have a brief break either with the company of a cup of coffee or friends or both.

And these coffee shops are intentionally made for its customers to feel comfortable and homey within it.

On this kind of business, a lot have been investing and a lot of different “gimmicks” have surfaced just to attract customers.

Another coffee shop from the Negros Occidental have been built and it specifically stood in Alijis as obtained from the Facebook account of a certain Howard Piansay.

Nothing seems so extraordinary but there is something odd on the painting that was on the wall.

The painting was looks like the face of the president of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, together with the 2nd highest official and leader of the country Vice President Leni Robredo.

It was just them on their normal face but what it odd is the picture that the painting is trying to relay to everyone who sees it, and it seems the two highest leaders are getting married.

Duterte on his white barong and Robredo on her white dress.

However, one cannot say so that it was really them on the painting but then again the persons on the wall was similar to the said big personalities.

Other paintings that was on the wall that looks like other politicians are Antonio Trillanes, Mannny Pacquiao, and among others.

Check out the photo below:

coffee culture

Photo lifted from Facebook/ Howard Piansay

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